DRA Global’s customised mining solutions include mining method selection, design, planning and full management of mining contractors to assist client teams.The organisation’s global team boasts impressive 600 years of combined experience in mining engineering. Project teams advise clients on the related areas of surface mining, underground mining, winders, backfill, mineral exploration and shaft design—providing clients with invaluable insights that help to deliver optimum project results.


  • Competent persons reports
  • Resource estimation and valuation (all compliance codes)
  • Reserve statements to international standards (all compliance codes)
  • Management of drilling programmes
  • Mine design and scheduling
  • Management of contract mining
  • Business plan optimisation
  • Operations plans





  • Shafts winders and shaft steelwork
  • Materials handling
  • Water management
  • Compressed air management
  • Winders, winding systems and headgear design
  • Surveys
  • Rock engineering
  • Ventilation and refrigeration



DRA Global has designed and implemented surface and underground mines throughout the world. The organisation has the proven capability to deliver safe, sustainable, efficient and cost-effective solutions across multiple sectors and commodities.

Sector specialists design mines and develop resource and reserve statements for most types of known deposits but also partner with sub-contractors or consultants, appointed by clients, to optimise solutions when required. The review process actively excludes “opinion engineering”; all assessments are conducted from an objective execution perspective and ultimately result in world-class projects.






At DRA, we understand the critical role that accurate estimating has in the success of our clients' projects and project execution. We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive and reliable estimates to ensure seamless project planning and execution.

How accurate estimating helps our clients:

  • Cost control and budget management: Accurate estimating allows our clients to establish realistic budgets and maintain better control over costs. This way, they can allocate their resources wisely, and avoid unnecessary expenses and cost overruns, throughout the  execution phase.
  • Planning and scheduling for projects: Estimating provides the foundation for effective project planning and scheduling, which we tailor to our clients' needs. We ensure our clients are able to identify project timelines, milestones and critical paths for smooth progression of their projects.
  • Confidence and transparency: We understand the importance of client confidence, and that's why we maintain a transparent approach to project costing. With reliable estimating, our clients can trust that their investment is well-managed and accounted for at every step.
  • Optimised resource allocation: Proper estimation allows for optimised resource allocation, including labor, equipment and materials. This optimisation enhances the overall efficiency of our clients' projects, ensuring their resources are use effectively to achieve the best results.


Our dedicated mining, process, and infrastructure project teams have extensive and specialised experience in developing accurate estimates using recognised software such as Candy (CCS), Ineight, QTO, and WinQS.

We take a versatile approach to estimating by offering bottom-up and top-down techniques depending on project requirements. Our team of experts ensure that full lifecycle costing is integrated into every project stage, allowing for informed decision-making and seamless project execution.





Geology is key to targeting a project’s exploration and development goals. Through Montreal based subsidiary, DRA Met-Chem and strategic partnership with CCIC, DRA Global’s strong geological team has a proud history. Proficiency in exploration data and geological group analysis produces cutting-edge designs and services. Each project is evaluated individually and, based on the geology or client preference, the most appropriate geological software is assigned to the project.


  • Managing of exploration programmes
  • Providing geological interpretation services in collaboration with specific strategic alliances
  • Assisting with resource evaluation and modelling
  • Developing a Competent Persons Report (CPR) in accordance with the guidelines provided by recognised institutions such as SAMREC, JORC and NI 43-101
  • Managing and overseeing outsourced exploration services to ensure the highest quality of service.

Backfill /

Backfill is an important component of underground mining operations because the underground disposal of mine tailings reduces mine closure costs and environmental impact. DRA Global’s backfill services also provide an engineering material that can be used to improve both the ground conditions and the economics of mining.

Carefully engineered and efficiently run backfill systems can significantly enhance the effectiveness of a mining operation. The primary source of backfill materials is local to the mine, and the tailings from the processing of the ore are the most readily available source of backfill materials.

Placement of mine tailings in underground backfill support directly reduces the quantity to be disposed on surface. This has direct operating and capital cost benefits and reductions in future rehabilitation costs to clients.

DRA Global utilises gravity assisted delivery methods for backfill transportation with the dense tailings slurry being delivered by pipelines to the disposal point in the mined out stopes. These pipelines can range from low pressure turbulent flow systems to high pressure laminar flow systems.

The selection of a backfill system for a mine is part of the overall plan for the mining of the ore body. This plan accounts for the full life cycle of the operation, including mine closure and rehabilitation.




As one of very few specialist winder consultants in the world, DRA Global has developed an excellent reputation for the design of mine winder and hoisting systems across the globe.

Advanced capabilities include the design of new winding systems and the sourcing, refurbishing or upgrading of existing winder equipment. In developing and maintaining good working relationships with a variety of winder manufacturers clients receive optimal, practical and safe winding solutions that are also site-specific.

Software is designed for position control, safety, automation, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, as well as man-machine interfaces. DRA Global is recognised, throughout the industry, as skilled auditors and risk assessors of existing winders and winding systems, accident or failure investigations, and training courses for winder.




Since 1999 the organisation has provided complete solutions in:

  • Designing and constructing headgear
  • Shaft steelwork
  • Conveyances and loading facilities, including engine rooms
  • Bank and underground station layouts
  • Civil work associated with winders and headgears


DRA Global has specialist capabilities in the design of mines for a wide range of mining methods and commodities. The mine design and engineering team, consisting of integrated teams of mining, mechanical, electrical, control, instrumentation and winder specialists, offers engineering, procurement, construction and management (EPCM) as well as lump sum turnkey (LSTK) solutions.

The team’s engineering design work is supported by drawing offices in South Africa and Canada and produces high-quality 2D and 3D designs with the help of sophisticated software packages.

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Northam Platinum engaged DRA to provide a US$400 million total solution, designing and building every aspect of the project – the underground mining system as well as the above surface plant, materials handling facilities, full administration of the contractual requirements and all additional infrastructure, including bulk water storage and access roads.



Following the successful completion of a feasibility study and capital budget estimate, DRA Global was contracted to undertake the multi-level mine design of the Leeuwkop Shaft Project for Impala Platinum.



Irenedale was a replacement shaft project for SASOL mining rather than an expansion project. The project encompassed the establishment of an all inclusive main service shaft system in the Bosjesspruit Irenedale reserves with related support infrastructure to mine 8Mtpa.