About DRA’s Future of Mining Series

The mining industry is one laden with contradictions. On the one hand, we must produce faster, smarter and more lucratively than before. On the other, we must consider the environment, sustainability and even the end consumer. Is there a common ground to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes on this unchartered and, often unstable, terrain?

We’ve seen accelerated strategies in ESG, digitisation and automation since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Change has become business as usual and, compared to a long history of using the past as our compass, the industry is now looking to the future as a driver of fundamental and sustainable change.

Disruptive technologies continue to shape and reshape our picture of the future. There’s no clear or definitive image of what that will be, but we unpack some fundamental elements of what success might look like on our next horizon. Share our journey, as we imagine the workforce of tomorrow, explore socially conscious mines of the future, weigh up the risks, investigate new business models and get real with artificial intelligence.

In DRA’s Future of Mining Series, we look at the challenges the industry is facing. We leverage the knowledge from our expert team of advisors to highlight some considerations for mining companies and their value chain to navigate the future with confidence. Join us as we step into tomorrow.

what will mining look like in the future?

Is the mining industry working towards water sustainability?

Edition 1: Water waste to water wise

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An industry contradiction or the future of safety and productivity?

Edition 2: The Human paradox mining

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The interconnection of social and technical complexities demands a new way of working but is there a way to create, capture and deliver value to all stakeholders in the mine of the future?


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