DRA Global Limited (ASX: DRA | JSE: DRA) (DRA or the Group) is an international multi-disciplinary engineering, project delivery and operations management group, predominantly focused on the mining, minerals and metals industry.

The Group has an extensive track record spanning four decades across a wide range of commodities.  We have delivered more than 8,000 projects, studies and managed services solutions, and currently operate more than a dozen sites through its operations and maintenance division.

Our teams have deep expertise in the mining, minerals and metals processing industries, as well as related non-process infrastructure such as, water, and energy solutions. We deliver comprehensive advisory, engineering and project delivery services throughout the capital project lifecycle, from concept through to operational readiness and commissioning as well as ongoing operations, maintenance and engineering services. We do this with a focus on sustainability and assisting clients to achieve their ESG goals.

DRA covers all major mining centres with offices across Africa and the Middle East, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific.

Aspiration & purpose /


  • Aspiration: To turn the future of mining into reality as the most sought-after company in our field.
  • Purpose statement: DRA Global creates real value by fulfilling the aspirations of our people, clients, shareholders and communities.



History /

Starting in South Africa in 1984, DRA Global has grown to a leading multi-disciplinary engineering, project delivery and operations management group, predominantly focused on the mining, minerals and metals industry.

This success story started from a casual conversation between Brian Dowding and Tony Reynard, who both had a vision to create something new and extraordinary and had the courage to make the change. Today, DRA Global employs over 4,200 people and is recognised throughout the industry for its excellence in project delivery, and operations and maintenance services. 

This growth has been achieved organically and acquisitively, to cover almost all sectors, commodities and geographies and has culminated in the delivery of some of the largest and most impressive projects in the industry.

Explore our evolution from our humble beginnings in Africa to our status as a global player in the mining, minerals and metals industry.

Values /

DRA Global's corporate values are the essence of its identity – the principles or beliefs of the organisation and the energetic drivers of its aspirations and ambitions, ultimately its purpose. 

  • SAFETY: Live an actively caring culture
  • PEOPLE: The cornerstone of our business
  • INTEGRITY: Do what is right
  • TRUST: Deliver on promises
  • EXCELLENCE: Strive to be better than yesterday
  • COURAGE: Lead the change





DRA Global strives to create tangible value for clients, employees, shareholders and the communities within which it operates through the delivery and operation of assets around the world.



Having delivered projects across six continents with varying climates, cultures and conditions, DRA Global is deeply aware of social, environmental and economic disparities across the globe.



The leadership team recognises people as DRA Global’s greatest asset. By uniting the organisation’s disciplines, geographies, sectors and markets under one vision, teams are inspired to deliver the best for clients.


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