Sasol Mining


South Africa


New Material/Personnel Shaft

Irenedale was a replacement shaft project for SASOL mining rather than an expansion project. The project encompassed the establishment of an all inclusive main service shaft system in the Bosjesspruit Irenedale reserves with related support infrastructure to mine 8Mtpa. DRA Global’s requirement was for the complete specification, design, supply of two winders, main and service including the auxiliary equipment such as cages and ropes. Associated with this was the inclusion for the design and detailing work for the headgear. The larger of the two winder installations was designed to hoist a 60t load in a cage weighing 60t.

DRA Global applied expert knowledge and extensive design and manufacturing skills to accommodate abnormally heavy suspended loads with a hoisting system which was different to the older installations within the client’s shaft systems. The organisation successfully integrated the professional skills of all sub-contractors and client requirements to ensure that the design and interfacing aspects were catered for.

As specialists in winder services, DRA Global was contracted to perform the specification, design, supply of the required equipment, management of suppliers/fabricators, overseeing of installation and commissioning and final acceptance of the installation prior to hand-over to client. The organization delivered a total turnkey project with winders and headgear design specifically designed to suit the client’s technical requirements and formed the basis of designs and configurations for their future shaft projects.