Having delivered projects across six continents with varying climates, cultures and conditions, DRA Global is deeply aware of social, environmental and economic disparities across the globe. The organisation aspires to create sustainable development that creates value not only for clients but also for the communities in which it operates. As a responsible corporate citizen, DRA Global measures success not only by the bottom line but by its contributions to safety, conservation and economic improvement.

People & Community

To make a long-term impact on economies and contribute to sustainable beneficial development, community members are properly informed of project processes and are included in many project phases through discussions and workshops.

By utilising local skills and training local talent, community members become an integral aspect of a project, contributing to its eventual success. This ultimately enhances livelihoods and contributes to the upliftment of communities through a positive skills legacy.

DRA Global has implemented hundreds of community upliftment initiatives through its integrated approach to project delivery and continues to invest in people through socio-economic development.

Health & Safety

Every employee at DRA Global forms part of the organisation’s safety team, creating a total safety culture. With a continued focus on driving the right behaviours, across all levels, exceptional safety records are achieved on projects of all sizes and complexities. Constant reinforcement drives adoption of safe practices to achieve zero harm.

By listening to, and learning from, all stakeholders, focus and perceptions are aligned – from the front line to leadership – to develop a common understanding around safety.

Attention is placed on listening to understand root causes and implementing improvements to limit the chance of recurrence. Global safety protocols govern all DRA Global’s projects but site specific HSE plans are further developed to drive targeted actions of the project team.

The organisation engages with clients, in their boardrooms, to share best practices in safe project delivery and to promote the adoption of these safe behaviours and thinking.

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DRA Global is a socially responsible organisation and aligns its business processes to reduce potential environmental impacts. Through specialist consultant assessments, designs are optimised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, decrease waste generation and efficiently manage and protect natural resources.