DRA Global provides total water and wastewater treatment solutions through EPC/EPCM, Operations and Maintenance, or BOOM/BOOT/Bespoke Lifecycle models. The organisation is able to tailor technical and commercial solutions to clients’ requirements, including various project finance options. Successfully designed and delivered over 310 water treatment solutions for mining, industrial, and municipal water treatment projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa. World class water treatment solutions combine process technology, design engineering and project management capabilities. DRA Global delivers turnkey solutions for projects of 50m³/d up to 25 000m³/d to industry clients, such as Anglo American, South 32, Exxaro, Managem, Newmont, Kropz Elandsfontein, Barrick, and Glencore, as well as public works including Department of Water Affairs and Sanitation, Department of Defense, Eskom, and Knysna, Saldanha, Kouga, Johannesburg and Umgeni. Whether the goal is to reduce capital or operating costs, comply with environmental standards, maximize reuse, or to increase efficiency, DRA Global’s team of highly skilled engineers, scientists and project managers work with each client to provide an ideal, customised solution to meet unique project needs.


DRA Global incorporates water resource planning development through strategies, policies, and frameworks as well as groundwater resource quantification and hydrogeological modelling (contaminant and flow), sophisticated structural geology/plate tectonics with relation to geohazard assessment and the application of geo-informatics (remote sensing, earth observation and geodesy).

The organisation investigates, proposes, implements and monitors solutions for the augmentation of water supplies for industrial, urban, agricultural and rural development, environmental protection and pollution management strategies, climate change risk assessment and monitoring, early warning systems (earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, coastal hazards, floods and droughts), education and training and development of information systems and management.


DRA Global’s services include overall water management to produce holistic solutions from source identification, to treatment and operational water balance optimisation.

Our industry-specific process engineers and water treatment specialists generate and optimise water usage across the operating life of our clients’ assets.





The organisation is widely recognised as an industry leader in Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) waste water treatment technologies with a wide range of experience in other waste water technologies.

Efficient solutions are competitively priced with short construction periods, low operating costs and ideally suited for small communities of 100-50,000 people.


DRA Global is experienced in the design and construction of industrial effluent treatment plants. Using a wide range of unit operations, they have delivered uniquely optimised solutions for clients worldwide.

As specialists in ION Exchange technology, DRA Global offers total water waste stream solutions for the food and beverage and mining industries as well as EDI solutions for chemical free demineralised water production.


The team of professionals provides a full range of desalination project requirements under one offering, this includes water treatment in Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) plants, as well as marine and coastal infrastructure services for abstraction and brine discharge.


DRA Global provides custom designed and constructed ancillary equipment including tanks and reservoirs, silos and tanks, nozzles, strainers, in line traps, hydraulic distributors and eductors.


DRA Global has the engineering capability and implementation experience to recover valuable by-products and additional product water from saline or brine streams. 

Brine reduction includes the ability to concentrate unrecovered water and reduce storage requirements with focus on net cost savings. Concentration of unrecovered water subsequently decreases legacy civil and environmental liabilities for our clients.

The highly skilled team of engineers and professional tradespeople work with each client to provide an ideal customised solution, whether the goal is to reduce operating costs, comply with environmental standards or to increase efficiency, DRA Global offers a bespoke solution to meet unique requirements.


The organisation has extensive experience in membrane technology with specialisation in innovative high recovery systems that combine conventional treatment with UF, RO and NF with advanced technology to deliver world class solutions.



EWRP Brine Treatment Plant

The project aims to deliver a 2,000 m³/day brine treatment plant. The brine to be treated is a supersaturated calcium, sodium sulphate effluent and is treated through the DRA calcium softening reactor-clarifier and a multi-barrier UF, high pressure RO system to produce a product water that complies with the discharge specification set out by the resource water objective for Nooupoort Spruit.



DRA Global was contracted by Glencore to provide zero liquid discharge (ZLD) for their operation at Tweefontein. With extensive experience in mine water reclamation and ZLD applications, DRA Nexus has constructed a 15,000 m³/ day water reclamation plant comprising of a 2-stage membrane process with inter-stage softening.


Matla Water Reclamation Plant

The project delivered the 10ML/day mine water reclamation plant comprising of a 2-stage membrane process with inter-stage softening to achieve an overall water recovery >96%. The RO permeate is mineralized and chlorinated, complying to the SANS drinking water standard. DRA provided specialist commissioning, operation and maintenance of the mine water treatment plant.