Insight, analysis, strategy and advanced technology to reduce operating and maintenance costs while enhancing productivity. Potential areas of improvement exist within any facility – DRA Global provides insight, analysis, strategy and advanced technology to help clients make the best operational decisions within specific time and capital constraints.


Contract operations and maintenance is the new paradigm for mineral processing throughout the world as companies look for innovative ways in which to reduce the operating and maintenance costs while enhancing productivity.

Contract operations can significantly reduce up-front costs for equipment, facilities and personnel while minimising ongoing operational costs of process plants, mines and analytical laboratories.

DRA Global provides bespoke services aimed at addressing client specific needs through the deployment of experienced staff, the support of integrated systems and the implementation of comprehensive controls. Over two decades the organisation has developed an impressive track record across base metals, precious metals and bulk commodities.

  • DRA Global developed an impressive track record operating more than 64 sites, across base metals, precious metals and bulk commodities.
  • Commissioned and operated 46 processing facilities in Africa and the Middle East alone.
  • Expertise extends to both greenfield and brownfield operations for the most cost-effective solutions that reduce risk and improve productivity.





Seamless operations management requires effective plant design, intelligent engineering and efficient workflow processes. Over the past three decades DRA Global has operated and maintained 46 processing plants and commissioned 62 processing plants.

While DRA Global is acknowledged as leaders in coal, platinum and diamond contract operations, clients increasingly rely on their broader skill-set in a wide range of commodities, across all engineering disciplines and from concept to commissioning.


Regardless of the size or scope of these operations, DRA Global meets the financial and quality goals of contracts while clients gain continuity in production, even in exceptional conditions.

Through a tailored approach, solutions are developed to suit specific needs in specialised engineering services, maintenance, small engineering projects, condition monitoring and mobile field services.

Sustaining Capital /

Proven work processes and project execution models are scaled to fit the streamlined execution of projects from as little at $1,000 to over $50m improvement programs. 

To achieve and maintain optimal output it is essential that assets are reviewed on an on-going basis. By analysing the overall functionality of a plant and its equipment, clients can be made aware of possible areas of improvement to enhance performance and productivity.

Sound knowledge in lean operations provides a perfect value creation process in the following engineering disciples:

  • General mechanical engineering and materials handling design
  • Mining
  • Process
  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Infrastructure
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Rehabilitation: Underground infrastructure
  • Process and debottlenecking
  • SIMM audits, vibration analysis
  • Concrete structure audits
  • PFC, HV, LV instrumentation and control audits
  • Sectional closures and total rehabilitation




DRA Global developed MOMS (Mine Operations Management System) to provide mining and mineral processing companies with comprehensive operational intelligence.

MOMS is used to maintain better control over the supply chain, improve control and management of process plants and ensure assets are delivering maximum efficiencies. MOMS benefits core business outcomes, including increased productivity and improved return on investment through state-of-the-art technology.

The system produces and delivers accurate data to the right people at the right time, providing the required insight for pro-active decision-making. It enables clients to increase ore throughput while maintaining quality through a powerful combination of financial, distribution, costing, scheduling, maintenance and production tools.

The system is designed to provide an optimal experience to the end-user. MOMS facilitates the effortless management of workflow-driven processes such as procurement, production, budgeting, maintenance and internal cost requisitions.

By creating the reporting and input dimensions and frequencies, MOMS develops accurate costing, at a detailed process level and provides a comprehensive transactional analysis to clients.


  • Improved operational visibility of all manufacturing activities by tracking optimal KPIs
  • Streamlined operations and improved coordination and control over operating costs, processes and management
  • Access to operational information over a web browser on any smart mobile device for full operational visibility from any location, improving productivity, responsiveness, customer service, and providing insight into business operations and risk evaluation in real-time
  • Fully integrated core data model for manufacturing operations management that eliminates data duplication, contradiction and disconnect
  • Data integration to various production execution systems, such as SCADA and LIMS, as well as business systems, such as ERP, EAM, and BI applications
  • Support for major business systems, e.g. SAGE X3 or SAP
  • Built on OSIsoft PI System – an established, leading operational intelligence platform


  • Process monitoring and notification (required, core module)
  • Production performance
  • Product quality validation
  • Downtime analysis
  • Materials and energy tracking
  • Enterprise asset management interface
  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Document management/ archive
  • HSE incident tracking


Operational readiness promotes optimal transitions from construction to commissioning. DRA Global's early involvement in the project delivers smooth and safe transitions to solid operations and, by reducing operational risks during the commissioning and operation phase, the owner’s team is able to focus on other variables. 








DRA has been involved with Kamoa on the Kamoa project from 2017, conducted multiple studies and commenced with the execution phase of the project in January 2019, with planned commissioning being Q2 in 2021.



Edikan Gold, located 300 km north-west of Accra, the capital of Ghana, was an equal joint venture between DRA Globla and Group Five Projects. 



DRA was appointed as the overall Managing Contractor and EPCM Consultant for detailed engineering and design, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management services.