Infrastructure is a fundamental aspect of successful project delivery. DRA Global’s dedicated professionals deliver comprehensive project management, engineering and design capability in the build environment with core expertise focusing on the concrete, infrastructure, marine, structural steel and architectural disciplines. We offer in-depth knowledge across a broad spectrum of civil engineering design and construction applications and strive for the efficient management of projects at every step, ensuring all project requirements adhere to approved design specifications, from studies through detailed design execution and construction support to final sign off. We are committed to delivering projects safely, with minimal environmental impact and assuring our clients that their projects offer the highest value and return on investment whilst meeting international industry specific governing codes and environmental standards.


Infrastructure Engineering /

DRA Global’s infrastructure team has provided design and drawing services for most of the structures, systems and facilities needed for successful project implementation.

The organisation’s drawing office utilises the latest design and modelling software packages to deliver total solutions including take-off quantities, 3D models, 2D layouts and rendered models for presentations and BIM services to meet any project requirement including safety, environmental and community development requirements.


Our infrastructure engineering offering includes:

  • Bulk earthworks
  • Roads & Rail
  • Water Management
  • Environmental compliance
  • Social infrastructure




DRA Global has designed structures both on land and in the marine environment. This includes marine structures of all descriptions, from permanent and temporary works to land-based industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Through specialist experience in numerical analysis and the use of FEA produces, the organisation carries out advanced dynamic or nonlinear analysis of any type of structure.


Services in structural analysis and steel component design include:

  • Process plant structures
  • Road and pile bridges
  • Infrastructure building design
  • Underground mining conveyances
  • Statues
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial steel structures
  • Structural condition assessments
  • Fatigue and vibration assessments
  • Forensic failure investigations



A broad spectrum of concrete engineering design includes heavy civil engineering infrastructure associated with both large- and small-scale projects and public and private sector developments. Sustainability is a key concern and the organisation is committed to delivering projects safely, with minimal environmental impact to ensure clients meet international industry specific environmental standards.


Structures in the mining, industrial, private and commercial sectors, include the following:

  • Unreinforced or lightly reinforced concrete, including gravity structures
  • Foundations for concrete and steel structures
  • Foundations for heavy plant and machinery
  • Piling and caissons (deep foundations)
  • Floor slabs for all applications
  • Conventional reinforced concrete framed structures
  • Pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete
  • Reservoirs (up to 50 ML capacity and higher)
  • Civil structures for mining and industry (e.g.: Silo’s and tunnels)
  • Underground mining applications (including dewatering dams)
  • Seismic and vibration analysis and design
  • Structural Inspection and Maintenance Management (SIMMS) audits and structural inspections
  • Design for repair works to damaged structures to extend lifespan




In both the public and private sector, DRA Global provides clients with architectural services for small-, medium- and large-scale developments. Capabilities range from simple structures to complex multi-disciplinary projects, offering conceptual and detailed design, project management and execution solutions.

Creativity and innovation are combined to deliver the next generation of building projects including township development, administration offices, access control and laboratories, workshops, winder buildings and stores. Design methodologies prioritise cost, environmental sustainability and innovation through renewable energy solutions, biodegradable materials, insulation, effective building orientation and fenestration.




Commercially effective solutions include:

  • RAP housing and developments
  • Low cost structures such as schools and community projects
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mining structures
  • Administration facilities
  • Environmentally sustainable buildings
  • Commercial developments
  • Private buildings and structures



Having delivered projects across six continents, DRA Global understands the challenging logistics often associated with remote locations across the mining, power, biomass, aggregate production and transportation industries.

Systems are built to meet the highest environmental standards and transport coal, metallurgical coke, petroleum coke, frac sands, biomass, limestone, gypsum, cement and ash, among other aggregates.

The organisation has designed and installed more than 300km of conveyors in all five major climate types – from frozen arctic conditions to hot and dusty terrain.



Solutions include:

  • Design, construction and commissioning of overland conveyors
  • Bulk storage and reclaim systems
  • Truck and barge loaders and unloaders
  • Unit batch weigh loadouts
  • Unit train unloading systems


DRA Global offers complete solutions in marine engineering through its team of experienced professionals. Expertise in marine environmental analysis plays a key role in the initial planning and evaluation of marine infrastructure projects and ensures delivery of innovative and dynamic solutions to clients.






World-class planning, engineering and project management services cover all aspects of port and harbour planning and design. Together with leading international companies, DRA Global has worked on multi-billion-dollar coastal engineering design projects.

The highly qualified team of design and project specialists deliver conceptual engineering, detailed engineering and provide clients with the necessary technical specifications. The organisation offers a full service on EPCM contracts, including project management and construction supervision.



Featured Projects



A 30 km overland 161 kV power line, 161 kV Substation, workshops, stores, other plant infrastructure and the Nkran Pit dewatering were constructed. DRA Global was also involved in the Tetrem Village Resettlement Project.



DRA Global implemented the RopeCon system for Northam Platinum's Booysendal Mine comprising of a series of strategically positioned towers, connected by ropes and conveyor belts, running the entire distance above ground. The system is unique and a first of its kind in Southern Africa and the application of this system at Booysendal South also marked the longest RopeCon in the world. 



General infrastructure support provided to the Kamoa Kakula project included 50 km of national roads, bulk power supply, substation upgrades, Kakula Village accommodation, bulk water supply and water handling, and a tailings dam with tailings lines and water lines