Pepsi Inc


Northern Cape, South Africa


Effluent Water Treatment Plant


2021/ 22

DRA was contracted by Pepsico Inc to provide a 235m3/day Wastewater treatment system for their Upington plant based on the Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) Process design.

The SBR process is in itself very simple with a minimum of working parts. This is inherently the case because all steps of the processes, namely aeration, anoxic, clarification and decant are implemented in a single tank.


The SBR process offers several advantages over other treatment technologies and includes for pre-screening, feed balancing, batch control, nutrient addition, aeration, polishing, sludge collection, chlorination and allowance for ease of future expansion.

The SBR plant was constructed using the prefabricated panel tank system, which allowed for a quicker civil construction phase and utilized various mechanical fabricators and erectors, with local labour resources utized.

The plant is designed to treat effluent to general limits and hence allowed the treated effluent to be utilized for irrigation of fields and farmlands.