Pascua Lama Scoping Study

Client: Barrick Gold
Location: Chile & Argentina
Value: US$1.3 billion
Period: January 2017 – September 2017
Scope: Pre-Feasibility Study

Pascua Lama Scoping Study- Pascua-Lama is a large Greenfields medium grade gold and silver deposit, situated in the in the Andes Mountain straddling the border of both Argentina and Chile. 

 The objective of the project was to design a 7.2mt per annum block caving mine for the entire Pascua Lama resource situated in both Argentina and Chile, as well as design of the processing plant and associated surface infrastructure to support mining operations. A Pre-Feasibility Study was conducted by DRA Global, the full scope of work included mining, geotechnical, ventilation, process, infrastructure, capital estimate, operating cost, sustaining costing and project management.

The Pascua-Lama operation is located an elevation of over 4000+ metres above sea level in the Andes Mountain range and is exposed to severe weather conditions. The ore-body straddles two countries and the mining strategy was to extract the entire ore-body in both countries without disturbing the glaciers in close proximity to the areas of surface subsidence. DRA Global delivered a technically and financially viable project with a sustainable 35-year life of mine plan.