Innovation, sustainability and future trends


The latest episode of Mining Now with guest host, Gus Minor, features an insightful conversation with DRA Global’s Pierre Julien, President America, and Vikram Jayaraman, Senior Vice President, North America Business Operations, about the dynamic landscape of mining's evolution.

In this interview, Pierre and Vikram talk about:

  • the current state of the mining industry;
  • reshaping mining operations with new technologies and designs;
  • the shift from traditional engineering to business-driven approaches, integrating mineral
  • economics and ESG factors, and how this approach is driving sustainability and
  • transforming mining projects;
  • the importance of attracting talent to the mining sector; and
  • the strategies being used to revitalize the industry's image, ensuring a robust and
  • sustainable future for mining.


Listen to the episode and experience firsthand the vision driving DRA Global's journey towards redefining the future of mining.