South African Ore Beneficiation Plant Celebrates Three-Years LTI Free

At the South African Ore Beneficiation (SAOB) Plant, Minopex – a DRA Global Company – operates and maintains the beneficiation of the Foskor Magnetite ore tailings to a saleable magnetite product.   

The team achieved a significant milestone on 1 April 2021, reaching three-years Lost Time Injury (LTI) free.  Since Minopex commenced work in April 2018 they have continued to operate without serious injury or harm. Reflecting the teams unwavering commitment to creating a ‘Total Safety Culture.’

The SAOB team have made this ‘Total Safety Culture’ a way of life on site and believe that teamwork, participation, communication, respect, integrity, and accountability are the key ingredients to achieving it.  The team lives by the Minopex values and abide by the Minopex Golden Rules and Fatal Risks Standard. 

“Congratulations to all involved for a truly excellent safety performance.  The team at South African Ore Beneficiation Plant are setting a strong example that we are all very proud of.”; said James Smith, Executive Vice President of Minopex.