21 year old plant optimisation expert Minopex, a wholly owned subsidiary of the DRA Group, believes its value proposition positions it as a market leader in its field of expertise, says Renira Reddy – Vice President: Origination at Minopex.


“We believe in our product and our service and we live it. Our goal and commitment is long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficiation relationship with our clients,”


The Minopex value proposition


Cost-effective procurement

Working across multiple process plants has seen Minopex develop bulk buying power with its suppliers. This means equipment items cost less to purchase. In addition, Minopex does not charge any markup on items purchased. “No mark-up costs across multiple items is a substantial saving and a benefit we pass back directly to our clients,” Reddy notes.


Best lifecycle costing

Minopex’s 21 year experience operating 42 plants across most key commodities has seen it develop a sound understanding of the ‘ins and outs’ of a process plant’s performance – across all circuits and equipment items.

Consequently, the company has developed a comprehensive understanding in maintenance planning and inventory management which ensures a plant delivers optimal performance for the majority of its operational lifespan. This equates to improved productivity and improved profits delivery.


Shared services

The value-add benefits of working with a contractor that has a shared services structure is significant. “We are able to keep our site structures lean by supporting them with a shared services division which effectively pools resources across multiple sites instead of having dedicated full time resources assigned to projects. Again, this delivers a cost saving to our clients,” says Reddy.


Critical stockholding

In many instances, Minopex operates more than a single operation within a country/region. This delivers similar benefits to those of shared services. If a piece of equipment or equipment part is unexpectedly or urgently needed, the company is able to draw from a well-resourced stockholding across multiple sites in agreement with its clients. In many instances this reduces downtime and again benefits the client’s bottom line.


Fast tracking operational readiness

Preparing a process plant for operation start-up is a lengthy process and requires significant documentation preparation that complies with company and country policies, legislation, conditions of employment, etc. Minopex has over the decades built up a comprehensive set of pre-existing documentation for every operation start-up process. In addition to the documentation, Minopex has a tried and tested operational readiness plan.  “This results in the quickest possible ramp-up period which in turn delivers production faster which then generates revenues faster for our clients.”


The SWAT team

Minopex has a dedicated SWAT (Specialised Work and Training) team which focuses exclusively on assisting clients with the efficient ramp-up and commissioning of new Greenfield plants or operational assistance on Brownfield projects across any commodity. Also specialising in operational distress situations, the team are considered unrivalled in turning operations around in the quickest, most efficient and cost effective way possible. The teams are made up as per client requirements and often include shift superintendents, senior process operators and control room operators. “They are also fully equipped to provide hands-on, skills transfer training. With over 10 years of experience as a team, and 16 commissioned projects, their track record proves their capabilities.”



Minopex appreciates the value of training and offers this service to its clients. In combination with a fully equipped training centre, the company has collated an inclusive and all-encompassing set of training documents that have proven highly effective over time.  Hands-on training is also delivered in combination with the highly skilled SWAT team.


Community development

Community development is an on-going process and never has an end date. “We understand the importance of working closely with communities and understand the positive impact this delivers to the project as well as the greater economy. ” Minopex not only up-skills local community members to transition into key personnel on their plants but also provides assistance in establishing local businesses which can support their operations. Importantly, it always works closely in conjunction with its clients to achieve optimal value from these services.


Growth strategy gains momentum

Minopex forms an integral part of parent company DRA Group’s strategic growth aspirations over the next few years.

For more information about Minopex’s growth strategy within DRA, click here


Source: https://www.miningreview.com/minopexs-unparralled-value-proposition/