DRA Continues Growth in the Americas with Acquisition of Met-Chem

Toronto, 8 March 2016  Engineering Group DRA Group Holdings (“DRA”) is pleased to announce that it has agreed to acquire Met-Chem Canada Inc. (“Met-Chem”) from UEC Technologies LLC, which is part of United States Steel Corporation.


Met-Chem is a consulting engineering company, headquartered in Montréal, Québec, which provides services including resource estimation, mine design and planning, and mineral processing to the metals and minerals industry world-wide. With particular strengths in mining and geology, Met-Chem is an excellent fit for DRA, which has specialist capabilities in design engineering, mineral processing, EPCM project delivery and contract operations. Together DRA and Met-Chem have strong and comprehensive capabilities at each stage of the project life-cycle.


Established over 40 years ago, Met-Chem is well-respected with mining clients in Europe, Africa, China, India, North and South America. In addition to its mining expertise, Met-Chem has developed a good track record in industrial minerals in recent years.


DRA will retain Met-Chem’s office in French-speaking Montréal, Canada, from which it will continue to service clients in Québec, Eastern Canada, North and West Africa, as well as globally.


DRA, which originated in South Africa, established an office in Canada in 2005 and acquired Taggart Global in 2014. “DRA continues to expand its business in the Americas, and the acquisition of Met-Chem is a logical next step for our growth in this region,” said Wray Carvelas, CEO of DRA Americas. “This acquisition allows us to offer enhanced services to our existing mining and mineral clients and we look forward to servicing new clients, in the Americas and other regions such as French-speaking Africa, with our expanded capabilities.”



About DRA

DRA is a multi-disciplinary global engineering group that originated in South Africa and delivers mining, mineral processing, energy, water treatment and infrastructure services from concept to commissioning, as well as comprehensive operations and maintenance services for the mineral resources and energy sectors.  DRA has offices in Africa, Australia, Canada, China, India and the United States.


About Met-Chem

Met-Chem, a DRA Group Company, was established in 1969 as a consulting engineering company, headquartered in Montreal, and provides a wide range of technical and engineering services. Met-Chem is well-recognized for its capabilities in mining, geology and mineral processing and has a talented team of engineering, technical and project management personnel with experience in North America, Latin America, Europe, West Africa and India.


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