Blackwater Dragline 40 Major Maintenance Shutdown

Client: BHP Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)
Location: Queensland
Period: May 2013 - Sept 2013
Scope: Major Maintenance Shutdown
Environment: Brownfield

G&S Engineering , a DRA Global subsidiary, undertook the major maintenance shutdown of Dragline 40 at Blackwater Mine. The scope of works included supplying equipment, labour, cranage, supervision and a range of subcontractors over the five month duration of the project. Work included:

  • Circular Diaphragm (CD) replacement;
  • Upper rail installation;
  • Removal and onsite overhaul of the swing gearboxes; Drag and hoist gearboxes and magnetic (MG) set replacement;
  • Boom repair works;
  • Lower tin can repairs on the boom Replacement of the boom point sheaves;
  • A high-voltage switchboard replacement;
  • Armature cable replacements;
  • Maintenance works on the transformers;
  • Essential services distribution board and MG set; and
  • The removal and re-installation of a DC motor.